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Volunteering at Twin Eagles Wilderness School is an opportunity for an immersive experience in deep nature connection within a culture of conscious mentoring. You'll experience a plethora of tools for connection with the land, yourself, and others that you'll be able to take home and put into practice.

Our vision weaves together the timeless wisdom of our indigenous and earth based elders and mentors along with current best practices experiential outdoor education. This all combines into powerful and transformative community building, self-discovery, and sense of place that truly serves the world. We'll show you how this can be done so that you'll return home with a strong set of practices and a felt sense in your body of authentic deep nature connection mentoring.

We welcome you here! In our increasingly disconnected, technological world, our work is like medicine to the soul. Coming to volunteer is a chance to meet like-minded people who care about nature, enjoy community, and have a passion for self-awareness. You'll get to be a part of our community we've built over the past 12 years, see the living results of the nurturing power of deep nature connection alongside the wisdom of wisdom of mentoring relationships that together create the kind of people needed for a healthy, vibrant planet.

Volunteering with Twin Eagles over the summer was more than I could have expected. It was a truly perspective-shifting, life-changing experience. Every moment was one of connection and gratitude where I was granted a huge new wealth of knowledge and a renewed sense of how I wanted to relate to myself and others. Volunteering at Twin Eagles helped me gain greater insight into the person I want to be and the direction I want my life to take.”

- Michelle DeRoetth


At Twin Eagles we're committed to not just serving, but deeply nurturing our volunteers to draw out your very best qualities from within as you embark on this journey of discovering new aspects of yourself moving forward on the path of life.

This is an opportunity for you to experience working with children, staff, parents, and elders in a healthy and thriving nature based community setting. Being witness to the younger generations learning the values of nature ignites a deep sense of hope in our volunteers.

Year after year our volunteers report having a transformative experience that exceeds their expectations, boosting leadership, confidence, curiosity, gratitude, and vision. Volunteering at Twin Eagles is an opportunity for immense personal growth and is truly a catalyst for your journey towards realizing and actualizing your full potential in service to nature and future generations. Come join us!

In my experience as a first time volunteer staff member at Twin Eagles, I had the honor of receiving some of the most soul nourishing connections I've had yet in this lifetime, to both community and place. During my time I witnessed and participated in my sacred purpose being lived out, through the vision of the founders.

The mentoring I received instantly became an integral part of who I am as a woman, taking me to my personal growth edge. I deeply cherish the opportunity to be a part of a program that is so essential to this generation of youth. I'm also excited to have these skills and experiences for guiding my work as a mother.”

- Amiste Sanders


Benefits of Volunteering at Twin Eagles Wilderness School:

  • Professional Training as a Deep Nature Connection Mentor
  • Transformational Personal Growth & Self Discovery
  • Learn new Wilderness Skills
  • Network with Other Nature Based Mentors
  • Develop a Powerful Sense of Place
  • Support a Worthy Cause
  • Steep in Indigenous Wisdom
  • Become an Agent of Cultural Change
  • Experience Authentic Nature Based Community
  • Develop Passion, Purpose, Gratitude, Confidence, and Leadership.
  • Actualize Your Fullest Potential
  • Have Tons of Fun!
  • Experience a Truly Inspiration Vision of Hope!
I wasn't aware of what I was getting myself into when I reached out to Twin Eagles. I was initially in search of personal growth but what I received instead was a sense of purpose, meaning, direction, and a confidence and depth inside myself I hadn't known before. It wasn't personal growth I received, it was personal transformation. With the mentorship of Twin Eagles, I have come to know myself and the world more authentically.

The impact I feel I've made on the community as a volunteer staff will never leave me. I not only learned the basics of wilderness survival, but I've learned how to inspire others through full wilderness immersion, how to teach important concepts through storytelling, and how to truly connect with the natural world by experiencing the value and wisdom that it holds at every turn. My experience with Twin Eagles has inspired me to discover how to use what I've learned to make a difference in my own community.”

- Kayton Gomez


Volunteer Assistant Instructors at Twin Eagles Summer Camps

Summer Camp Volunteer Assistant Instructors receive professional training and experience as a deep nature connection mentor while volunteering as an assistant instructor at our day and/or overnight summer camps for youth ages 6 - 18. Volunteers choose at least one week long summer camp to be a part of, and receive a free Twin Eagles Wilderness School t-shirt and other benefits! There is potential for future opportunities at Twin Eagles Wilderness School after the summer camp season.

Volunteer Assistant Instructors are involved with most aspects of our camps, including mentoring campers, being present and contributing to planning and debrief meetings, and caretaking the land. Volunteer Assistant Instructors report to our Lead Instructors and Camp Directors. This position is full time during the weeks one is hired for. Minimum age 18 years old.

Click here for a volunteer description with full details on becoming a Volunteer Assistant Instructor at Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2024.

Volunteer Assistant Instructors at Twin Eagles School Year Youth Programs

School Year Youth Program Volunteers receive professional training and experience as a deep nature connection mentor while volunteering as an assistant instructor at our school youth programs that run from September - May. We have a variety of youth programs including one time day long programs, as well as programs that meet once per month and once per week. Volunteers choose at least one program to be a part of, and receive a free Twin Eagles Wilderness School t-shirt and other benefits! Minimum age 18 year old.

Attention Parents!
Become a Parent Volunteer Assistant Instructors at Twin Eagles

Parents, are you interested in volunteering at Twin Eagles as an assistnat instructor? Volunteering with Twin Eagles is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the magic that is Twin Eagles, and also have some fun! As a Parent Volunteer Assistant Instructor, you'll get to step into the community aspects of raising kids, seeing firsthand how "It takes a village to raise a child". You will get to be a part of our collaborative staff team, including receiving training in nature connection, leadership, and mentoring.

This will help you bring some of the potency of the Twin Eagles culture into your own family and your role as a parent and community member. You'll get to be a witness and contributor in the weaving of a powerful learning experience for your child/children. As a parent, you bring an important perspective that benefits the camaraderie and powerful unity, compassion and understanding to our staff. This is a great opportunity to recharge in a natural setting and remember the joys and timelessness of childhood close to nature.

Parent Volunteer Assistant Instructors receive professional training and experience as a deep nature connection mentor while volunteering as an assistant instructor at any of our youth programs for kids ages 6 - 18, including any of our summer camps. Parents choose at least one program to be a part of, and receive 50% off the tuition of any children attending that program, priority placement of their kids into our programs (including our very popular summer camps), a free Twin Eagles Wilderness School t-shirt, and other benefits! There is potential for future opportunities at Twin Eagles Wilderness School afterwards.

Click here for a description with full details on becoming a Parent Volunteer Assistant Instructor at Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2024.

When I joined my 2 kids at Twin Eagles summer camp as a volunteer staff, I sunk into a whole new understanding of nature connection. It is such a privilege to lead my own kids through a process of deep nature connection within the context of a wider group - to watch them master skills, learn new concepts, and experience the many layers of connection to the land. However, the greatest joy is listening to them share their deep thoughts and impressions around the fire. I get to hear firsthand how their souls were connecting with the loving kindness of nature around them, whether that be through a story shared around a fire, or the sighting of a red tail hawk, or the tracking of a moose. Life is short - and there is no place I would rather be than at Twin Eagles allowing the magic of nature and mentoring to guide both myself and my children together.”

-Lisa Bowman-Trefts

My experience as a parent as volunteer staff at a Twin Eagles summer camp was like none other. I truly had never been to a summer camp even as a youth. Being able to enjoy the outdoors with my two girls and husband (volunteering as well) is always a privilege but having other kids join in was more than I ever expected. Our kids were able to look at their parents in a different light. We learned how to connect with our kids as nature-connected mentors and leaders as well as teach other children to play in nature. Connecting with the other children while learning new games, foraging, and gaining an appreciation for the outdoors was an unexpected gift. The time and attention that the camp leaders take each day to include each and every child was truly remarkable. I continue to search to find places for my children where they will be safe, learn new life skills, and make life long memories and Twin Eagles did not disappoint. We will continue to come to Twin Eagles every summer. It's worth the 20 hour drive from where we live!”

-Nicole Hendrickson

Although I've been in the mountains, been a guide in the wilderness and an avid bowman and outdoorsman, I was nervous to step into a volunteer staff role at Twin Eagles. Despite my nervousness, I learned so much from younger people, both children and staff and other mentors. For example, I learned how to support my children to go to a community of other mentors for learning plant identification and many other valuable teachings while I, myself learned as well. Seeing the spark in my children firsthand while in the Twin Eagles experience myself has reaffirmed my love for nature and my knowing that nature is what helps me live the true and healthy life I need to live.

-Nick Hendrickson

Are you a teenager 17 or younger interested in mentoring kids at Twin Eagles School Year Youth Programs? Check out our Teen Mentor-In-Training (MIT) Program!

How to Volunteer

Volunteer Applications are currently being accepted. To apply as a volunteer at Twin Eagles, first read through the volunteer description for the position you are interested in (links above), then click the button below and let us know that you'd like to be a volunteer!

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Under 18? Become an MIT (Mentor-In-Training)

If you're between the ages of 14 - 18 and interested in mentoring kids on the journey of nature connection, we have a teen Mentor-In-Training program designed just for you! It gives you the chance to develop yourself as a leader as you give back to the next generation. Click here for more info on our teen Mentoring-In-Training program.

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