Teen Wilderness Programs

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous

Full-On Skills. Edge Experiences. Epic Adventures.

for Teens ages 13-18
in Sandpoint, Idaho & Spokane, Washington
and locations throughout the Inland Northwest

Teen Wilderness Programs

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous, our teen weekend wilderness programs, were created to offer awesome experiences to teens throughout the Inland Northwest and beyond to sink deep roots to the earth through wilderness skills while soaring high through full-on group adventures. These programs were designed to keep the deep nature connection mentoring experience alive throughout the school year. Teens learn leadership by working together as well as applying their sensitivities through ancient earth-based skills and crafts. Twin Eagles nature-based mentors guide teens through these experiences, developing significant creative problem solving skills while they revel in being fully alive.

Our teen wilderness programs are powerful opportunities for teens to encounter the wild around them as we journey to destinations throughout the Inland Northwest. As well, teens have a chance to touch their own inner wildness by giving unique voice to their inner selves amongst a community of peers and mentors. This will all take place within the powerful and safe context of a "cultural basket" of teachings that will provide grounding and balance while peaking their senses and learning. Thus, we echo the blueprint of natural learning shared by our ancestors through millennia.

Teenagers have a fundamental, archetypal need to test themselves and test their world. If we, the community of adults that hold them, don't provide experiences to meet these needs, they will seek out other potentially destructive ways of getting these needs met.”

- Tim Corcoran, Twin Eagles co-Director & co-Founder

Get ready to have the time of your life! These weekends are a blend of wilderness immersion, nature-based leadership development, and soulful group unity building. They are an opportunity to renew connection to the earth through skills and adventure amidst the companionship of peers during each season. All of our weekend teen wilderness programs allow teens to experience a depth of mentoring difficult to find elsewhere.

Each weekend focuses on different activities and qualities of learning based on the season and location as well as the teen's passions and experience. As mentors, we're skilled at meeting diverse experience levels within a group and are committed to keeping each participant highly engaged.


There are a variety of skills and practices we'll engage in throughout each weekend. Some possibilities include:

  • Wilderness Survival Skills like fire making, building & sleeping in primitive shelters, harvesting wild water, and hunting & trapping tools
  • Beautiful and functional Earth-based Crafts like baskets, pottery, rawhide containers, cordage making, moccasin making, and flintknapping
  • Wildlife Tracking and The Language of the Birds
  • Medicinal and Edible Wild Plants including Identification, Harvesting, Preserving, Preparing, Eating and Applying
  • Aidless Navigation, Lostproofing and Mapping
  • Ecology and Knowledge of Place including local mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, plants and trees.
  • Sensory Awareness Development
  • Bushcraft Skills like advanced shelters, knots & lashing, snowshoe making, working with knives & axes
  • Primitive Cooking like stone ovens, steam pits, and pemmican making
  • Knife & Sheath Making
  • Wooden Bow Making & Archery
  • The Way of The Scout including natural camouflage, stalking, and stealth games
  • Desert Walkabouts
  • Winter Snow Cave Expeditions

Cultural Mentoring Approaches

  • Renewing Connections amongst teens throughout our bio-region
  • Enlivened, Inspiring Storytelling
  • Songs that Celebrate and Build Community
  • Awesome Games and Unity Building Activities
  • Inner Teachings of each Season
  • Wilderness Ethics and Principles
  • Inspiring Conversation and Dialogue sharing ideas and creativity with others
  • Trade Blankets

The Deeper Journey

  • An Awakened sense of Connection
  • Helping teens Discover their Gifts and Passions
  • Allowing time and space for teens to experience self-sufficiency and creative problem solving both individually and in group situations
  • Leadership, Community Building and Peacemaking
  • Nature as an opening to Passion and Purpose
Teen Wilderness Programs

COVID-19 and Cancellation Policy

Updated January 5, 2022

We have a full schedule of programs happening in 2022. We've been running programs safely since the summer of 2020, and are continually monitoring the Covid-19 pandemic situation as it evolves. If your program is canceled due to Covid-19, you will receive a 100% full refund, no questions asked. For any other refund-related questions, please see our Payment Agreement & Cancellation/Transfer Policy inside the application process.

You can view our updated Covid-19 Health Protocol to see the specifics of how our programs will be different by clicking here.


Our weekend teen wilderness programs are held at locations throughout the Inland Northwest, each matched to the unique activities of the given weekend. Through Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous programs, we travel from the pristine mountains of north Idaho to the arid deserts of eastern Washington. From the shores of Lake Pend Oreille to deep cedar forests, teens have the opportunity to experience the breadth and depth of our bioregion.

How Many?

We are committed to a high mentor to student ratio of at least one-to-six to ensure a high quality program. We enroll students ages 13 - 18. Maximum program enrollment is 18 students. There are ample opportunities for teens to work one-on-one with mentors.


Our weekend teen wilderness programs run from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Specific times can vary, so be sure to check details below for accurate details.

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous - 2021-2022 Dates & Locations

Autumn 2021 Teen Rendezvous - Fri Nov 5 - Sun Nov 7
Medicine Circle Eco-Retreat Center, north of Priest River, Idaho
6:00 pm Friday - 2:00 pm Sunday, with a parent circle ending at 4:00 pm

Winter 2022 Teen Rendezvous - Fri Feb 11 - Sun Feb 13
Harmony Woods Retreat Center, south of Spokane, Washington
6:00 pm Friday - 2:00 pm Sunday, with a parent circle ending at 4:00 pm

Spring 2022 Teen Rendezvous - Fri Apr 22 - Sun Apr 24
Moses Lake Sand Dunes, south of Moses Lake, Washington
5:30 pm Friday - 4:00 pm Sunday (no parent circle)

How Much?

Each weekend costs $295, which includes lodging (typically camping) and some meals. Scholarships are available.

A 50% deposit, $50 of which is non-refundable, per individual per program is due upon registration. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the program start date.

Mentor-In-Training Program

We are also offering teens who have been to Twin Eagles programs before the chance to learn to become nature based mentors through our Mentor-in-Training (MIT) program. Please see the Mentor-in-Training web page for more information.

I loved it! I had the time of my life and would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Erin Duebendorfer

To Apply

Registration is currently open for Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous 2021-2022.

Complete an online application and pay by credit card by clicking the "Apply Now" button below.

Scholarships are available for our teen programs - click here for more information.

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous 2021-2022
Teen Wilderness Programs

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Please Note: Our programs often fill to capacity with waiting lists, sometimes quickly. Your child's space in this program is not reserved until we have received both a completed application and a deposit, and you have heard from us that they have been accepted and registered. Thank you!

Teen Wilderness Programs
Never before in history have youth been so plugged-in - and so out of touch with the natural exposure to nature is essential for healthy development - physical, emotional and spiritual.”

- From Richard Louv’s Last Child in the Woods

Nature Based Mentoring

At our teen wilderness programs, our mentoring philosophy is grounded in the fact that human beings are multi-faceted and that personal growth and discovery is revealed gradually. For this reason we are committed to long-term mentoring relationships with whole families that support each student to unfold their natural gifts and potential over time.

Our teen wilderness programs provide opportunities for teenagers to deeply immerse their senses in the landscapes of nature and give them adventure challenges that are fun, test their strengths and intimately connect them to the land and themselves. By taking this journey, teens learn to be comfortable and confident outdoors, and a solid foundation of a love for our Earth is laid.

We inspire teens to grow as life long learners by nurturing their natural curiosity for the world around them. We help them form these curiosities into a cohesive and intense passion for learning. Thus, children grow into themselves holistically and are set forth on a path to discover their own unique gifts that they will one day share with the world.

Ultimately, they learn to ask questions for themselves and seek answers in their world; the simple truth that all things are teachers is revealed.

Teen Wilderness Programs

Why is this important?

We recognize that today's teens will be the true leaders of our future. We believe that through engaging the imagination and senses, nurturing their love for the earth, helping them develop their own unique gifts, being committed to passion-based learning and long-term mentoring, and helping them develop the fiber for adapting to natural challenge and change with resiliency, we hope to foster a larger community of naturalists, life-long learners and caretakers of our earth for the future generations. We invite you to come be a part of this exciting endeavor!

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