Brain Tanning Buckskin Workshop

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Adults and older Teens Welcome

Learn the traditional art of brain tanning buckskin! Imagine making your own luxuriously soft, resilient, and versatile fabric sourced from 100% local, renewable, wildcrafted materials. Experience a deep connection to your indigenous ancestors as you discover this ancient art.

Brain Tanning

In this three day workshop, you will learn the complete process of wet scrape brain tanning buckskin start to finish. We will cover hide selection, fleshing, bucking, graining, rinsing, membraning, wringing, braining, softening, and smoking as we transform deer skins into buckskins that are velvety soft, supple, light and strong!

This workshop is desgined for beginners and novices. Participants will be working together in teams of three, which insures that everyone learns the process but doesn't get burned out. Deer hide tanning involves a lot of physical work, and is extraordinarily rewarding. Once learned, this process is applicable to a great variety of animal skins. We will provide all the necessary tools, brains, materials, and guidance.

Instructors Dan & Tim Corcoran have been tanning deer hides for over 20 years collectively. Through Dan's work at Wilderness Awareness School in Duvall, WA and Tim's work at Twin Eagles Wilderness School in Sandpoint, ID, they have taught over one hundred people the ancient art of tanning buckskin. Their approach is centered on creating enough understanding and connection throughout the learning process that participants will be able to repeat the whole tanning deer hide process on their own.


Workshop runs Friday 9:00 am - Sunday 4:00 pm. Days are spent working hides, evenings are relaxed. Saturday night we'll share in a community potluck, so bring a dish to share. Bring your own meals other than that.


  • $245, includes the skin you get to process and take home (sharing with your group of three). Also includes camping. Scholarships available.

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