Twin Eagles
Deep Nature Connection
Weekend Series for adults

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series is a one weekend per month program running from October through June that provides adults a rich opportunity to immerse themselves in the teachings of the Earth. Wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, wild edible & medicinal plants, naturalist training, bird language, nature based mentoring, and inner tracking become pathways to a transformational journey of deep connection with nature, community, & self.

Twin Eagles has forever opened my eyes to myself, the world, and nature. I am eternally grateful!”

- Anna Anderson

Do you yearn to feel at one with nature?
Are you seeking a community of like minds & hearts?
Do you want to truly discover yourself?

Then come join us. This experience will give you the chance to slow down and embrace time-tested, ancient practices of connecting deeply with nature that we've been successfully facilitating for over fifteen years. You'll steep in a culture of nature based mentoring with peers that will feel more like family by the end of the experience. You'll be guided by experienced, gifted, open-hearted mentors to discover your authentic self.

In a fast paced world that is increasingly fostering disconnection, this opportunity is designed from the ground up to holistically develop resiliency, a sense of place, confidence, vision, peace, meaning, and connection. It is an opportunity to build relationships with what is truly important in life.

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:

We created the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults with a passion for nature, community, and self-discovery. This program is designed to help you transform from yearning for deep connection, to living a life of deep connection with the Earth, people, and yourself.

The Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series include nine weekends from October through June. Topics covered include the full range of what we offer at Twin Eagles:

  • Primitive Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
  • Nature Based Mentoring & Cultural Restoration
  • Naturalist Training & the Core Routines of Awareness
  • Bird Language & Advanced Awareness Training
  • Inner Tracking - Earth Based Self Discovery

Each weekend builds on the previous weekends, developing a powerful, holistic synergy that results in a potent, life changing experience.

Twin Eagles showed me that I can make a difference, that I have the potential inside of me to change the world.”

- Jesse Hoag

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
Overview of Sessions

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Crossing the Threshold
Session 1 - October 23-25, 2015
Intro to Deep Nature Connection

We'll kick off the program with an in depth introduction to the vision of deep nature connection mentoring, as we introduce the core routines of awareness, and best practices of naturalist training & knowledge of place that will serve as a foundation for all other nature skills. We'll offer a sampling of the skills in the year ahead, as well as stories and songs will foster inspiration as our group builds unity for the journey to come.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Reading the Landscape
Session 2 - November 13 - 15, 2015
Wildlife Tracking Expedition

We'll journey to Moses Lake Sand Dunes to learn the science and art of wildlife tracking. You'll discover how tracking is the original, multi-disciplinary, multi-sensory way in which humans observe patterns. We'll dive into clear print identification, behavior & gait interpretation, track aging, and more. You'll discover how "the book of nature has no beginning, as it has no end", and feel deeply alive in body and senses.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Igniting the Spark
Session 3 - December 11 - 13, 2015
Primitive Wilderness Survival Skills

Making fire by friction by rubbing sticks together, building and sleeping in warm and dry primitive shelters, harvesting and purifying clean water, and training in the fundamentals of hunting and gathering. Learning these primary skills of providing for one's self directly from the Earth imparts a deep sense of freedom, connection, and empowerment that is almost impossible to put into words.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Quest for Medicine
Session 4 - January 29 - 31, 2016
Winter Snow Cave Expedition

We'll climb high into the mountains of Idaho to touch the essence of winter and feel an all pervasive quiet inside and out. Outdoor leadership skills and nature based teamwork will come together as we build and sleep in an incredible snow cave that will keep us warm and toasty in the cold winter night. We'll get a taste of winter survival and how nature provides lavishly even in the darkest time of year.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Sacred Space
Session 5 - February 26 - 28, 2016
Inner Tracking

Under the guidance of Barry Moses, we'll journey deep within to discover our authentic self. We'll learn a set of nature based consciousness practices to navigate the inner landscape of shadow and light, and reveal our passion, power, and purpose. We'll journey through beliefs, learning to release those that hold us back and embrace those that support us to live the life we dream of.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Inspiring Hope
Session 6 - March 18 - 20, 2016
Introduction to the Art of Mentoring

Learn Twin Eagles' extraordinary mentoring process that builds resilient connections amongst nature, community, family, and self. We'll explore both one on one mentoring techniques as well as cultural mentoring practices to inspire others to experience the joy of discovery, and ignite hope and responsibility for the Earth in the next generation.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Harvesting Health & Wholeness
Session 7 - April 15 - 17, 2016
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants

Gather experience of time-honored plant use through herbal remedies and edible wild plants. We'll journey deep into ethical harvesting, processing, preservation, and preparation of wild plants. We'll work with herbal remedies including tinctures, salves, poultices and more, as well as an assortment of edible wild plants, from roots to fruits, and stalks to seeds. Experience personal empowerment through our plant allies.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Honing the Senses
Session 8 - May 13 - 15, 2016
Bird Language & Advanced Awareness

We'll learn the language of the forest that allowed our earth based ancestors to move as one with nature. Discover how the sounds and movement in the natural world all have great meaning, which unlocks the secrets of animal communication. This is a truly subtle and sublime set of teachings that intensely increases one's awareness, allowing more up close encounters with wildlife, and increased inner silence, instincts, and intuition.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Wrapping the Bundle
Session 9 - June 2 - 5, 2016
Final Challenge

We'll bring the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series to a close with a formidable challenge and closing ceremony that will not just put to test all the skills learned in the program, but forge the deep bonds with nature, community and self built through the nine months. This will provide a powerful reflection of the journey, and support a strong integration of the program into your life ahead.

How many ways can I say awesome, incredible, and amazing?! I loved the Twin Eagles experience. The natural world has come to life in new and amazing ways. I loved the challenge. The instructors are wonderful people. The program has helped improve my self-confidence and self-reliance while introducing me to new skills and techniques. I know I can handle more change and challenge than I could before the program started. I greatly appreciate the time I've had with the community, and the skills I've gained will help me and my own community. The program gave me the opportunity to practice a way of life that desperately needs to be preserved and passed on. My deepest gratitude for this fantastic voyage.”

- Graham McLaren

Twin Eagles
Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

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Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
Mentoring Philosophy

One of the keys to Twin Eagles' success is our unique expression of nature based mentoring. Traditional indigenous wisdom, modern brain research, and decades of our own personal experience mentoring thousands of people all agree that the best way to learn something is experientially, under the guide of mentors. The cycles of the natural world form a blueprint for learning that guides this journey of connection.

When you come here, you'll have experienced mentors who truly show up powerfully for you, holding space for you as you travel deep into connection with nature, community, and yourself. Mentors who really see you with compassion and understanding and also hold a high bar for you to grow into. Our role is to train you with new skills, and then present challenges for you to face. We're here to help you see that you are more capable that you might realize. Having experienced mentors guide your journey results in learning that is more holistic and more efficient. We help guide you to draw forth previously untapped potential within yourself to meet the challenges at hand. Through the process you'll develop a new, more powerful sense of self. We're here to guide and support you to emerge into your greatest potential.

At Twin Eagles deep nature connection mentoring is a way of life. At our deep nature connection weekend series, you can expect to be mentored by caring, rooted, knowledgeable, and skillful instructors who will meet you where you are at and artfully guide you forward on your journey of discovery. In the end, you'll own your accomplishments as your own. You'll feel the power and resiliency of your interconnected relationships to the greater web of life. The skills, practices, and mindset learned will last a lifetime.

My entire experience with Twin Eagles has been amazing. The experience has helped me explore my potential as a human being faster than I would have on my own. It feels so good to be a part of something I believe in. It has helped me deepen my respect for all living things. I've grown into a more connected, responsible, and competent individual and leader. It has provided an opportunity to explore the gifts I have to share with this world around me. I now walk with more confidence and a strengthened belief in myself. As a result of this program, I am living life to its fullest! Thank You!”

- Josh Walters

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

At the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:, we're proud to have an instructing team comprised of highly passionate and gifted instructors steeped in deep nature connection, the art of mentoring, and self-awareness. Our team is led by Twin Eagles Wilderness School directors and founders Tim Corcoran and Jeannine Tidwell, as well as Barry Moses from the Spokane Tribe of Indians. Lead instructors and apprentice instructors offer significant support throughout the journey. In addition, we have various staff specialists come in throughout the programs, focusing on specialty areas of instruction.

Each member of our leadership team has over 15 years experience in the field, having been trained by renowned mentors themselves and then, more importantly, made the teachings their own. We haven't just practiced and learned these skills, we've lived them. As a mentoring team, our approach is sourced from the natural world, giving us an uncommon strength, unity, and resiliency.

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
The Community

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

At the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series, you'll journey through the experience with an intimate group of up to fifteen peers that will probably feel more like family before the program's end.

This tightly knit convergence of passionate learners is supported by a greater inter generational community of families, students, graduates, staff, and elders all supporting the Twin Eagles vision. We often times will have other community members join us for portions of our weekends, including community elders offering potent reflection on the participant's journey.

Community isn't something on the sidelines; it's an essential part of the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series experience, interwoven into your learning journey. It's a resilient, diverse ecosystem of mentoring that is synergistic in nature and adds an incomparable depth to your learning experience.

I am forever grateful for my experience at Twin Eagles. I feel held in a community of mentors and elders who truly show up for me and know how to support me in just the way I need. I see my gifts more clearly. I have been given the opportunity to face my fear, whether it be leading the group or traversing a steep mountainside. I see now that I can do anything, that I am not small, but very big!”

- Alex Kiersky

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
The Inner Journey

Having facilitated transformational, community based, deep nature connection mentoring programs over the last fifteen years, we've seen that the natural world is the original and ideal context for deep, authentic self-discovery. The best of indigenous and modern processes combine to support a powerful and deeply transformative experience of self-awareness. As mentors, we have taken this hero's/heroine's journey ourselves, "gone through the fire" so to speak, and we're here on the other side to guide you through.

It is one thing to teach a person new physical skills, but it takes experience and a very special quality of mentoring to guide you through the inner journey to claim your power and purpose. This is where our passion really shines. You'll make a palpable connection to your passion, power, and purpose, and experience greater self-confidence, intuition, and creative potential to co-create the life you dream of.

Through Twin Eagles, I feel more confident in who I am, trusting of the world & myself, and connected to my vision, joy, and passion.”

- Brian Taylor

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
The Location - Pristine Sandpoint, Idaho

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

The Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series are based out of our beautiful campus just outside of Sandpoint, Idaho. Sandpoint was named the nation's "Most Beautiful Small Town" by Rand McNally and USA Today, and for good reason.

It sits on the northern shore of magnificent Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho's largest lake at 43 miles long, and is nestled between the Selkirk and Cabinet mountain ranges which encompass millions of acres of national forest, native habitat of wolves, grizzlies, cougars, wolverines, and the last remaining caribou in the continental 48 states.

This is a land of spirit and of uncompromising natural beauty, home of the traditional territory of the Kalispell Tribe of Indians, a thriving arts community, the top rated Schweitzer ski resort, and a progressive small town community. It doesn't take long to learn why Sandpoint is known as the “hidden gem” of the northwest!

The importance of our location can't be overstated. Beyond just setting the context for your experiential journey, the location is something that you will make a visceral connection with, something that you will merge essences with throughout your experience.

A few of our weekend sessions take place at other locations throughout the Inland Northwest. The Inland Northwest contains some of the largest tracts of unspoiled wilderness in the continental US. It is rich with diversity and it includes a variety of unique ecological niches. Pristine wilderness is the norm here. Sandpoint is all about nature, full of progressive earthy folks and old back-to-the-land'ers. When you come to Twin Eagles, you'll truly be immersing in the wilderness.

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit”

- Edward Abbey

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series:
Meals & Accommodations

Camping is included for participants in the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series. For sessions taking place at our main campus, we have a 30' yurt that is available for participants. Otherwise, participants will be responsible for bringing their own tents.

Meals are the responsibility of the participants, and we'll share in a potluck each Saturday dinner. Drinking water, refrigeration, stoves, and a hot water dish washing station are all provided for participants

Through my time at Twin Eagles, I've been given the gift to make meaning out of my life, and bring purpose to my daily efforts. It feels so good to live those positive qualities that I've learned from Twin Eagles - connection, awareness, generosity, and heart centeredness. I now stand for becoming more of my highest self every day. This program has exceeded my expectations!”

- Karen Pogorzelski

You're probably a great match for our deep nature connection weekend series if any of these are true:

  • You have a passion for nature, community, and self-discovery.
  • You are yearning for mentors to guide you into your greatest potential.
  • You are fit for challenges and adventures in both the outer and inner landscape.
  • You value learning experientially, learning by doing.
  • You respect indigenous wisdom.
  • You want to discover ways to bring the wisdom of nature back into the modern experience.
  • You have wanted to participate in the Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program but haven't been able to commit that amount of time
  • You want to discover and feel in your body how you fit in to the greater interconnected web of life.
  • You are ready to wake up to a new level of consciousness, to discover a new possibility of what it is to be fully alive.

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series
Program Details

Location: Twin Eagles Wilderness School Main Campus just north of Sandpoint, Idaho, with some weekend sessions happening at other locations throughout the Inland Northwest.

Ages: 18+

Group Size: Approximately 5 - 15 participants

Accommodations: Camping included, with a 30' yurt available at our main campus.

2015-2016 Dates: Oct 23-25, Nov 13-15, Dec 11-13, Jan 29-31, Feb 26-28, Mar 18-20, Apr 15-17, May 13-15, Jun 2-5

Times: Fridays 7:00 pm - Sundays 3:00 pm. Our March session, Intro to the Art of Mentoring, starts earlier in the day at 10:00 am on Friday. Our final session will go from Thursday at 9:00 am through Sunday at 7:00 pm

Cost: Normal cost for this program would be $3000 (8 weekends at $300 each plus the final four day experience at $600).

We're pleased to offer the program at $2250 this year to make it more accessible for community members.

Tuition is payable in full, or in nine monthly installments, due one week prior to the start of each weekend.

Scholarships: Partial scholarships are available. Learn more here.

Twin Eagles
Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

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Individual Weekend Registration Now Available!

We're excited to announce that we are now opening up most of the weekend sessions for individual registration!

Cost: Individual weekends are available at the price of $275. Receive $25 off per weekend if you sign up for three or more weekend sessions.

Notes: Our March session, Intro to the Art of Mentoring, is priced higher at $295 as it starts earlier in the day at 10:00 am on Friday.

The only session that is not available for individual registration is the final session in May, which is only available to those who participate in the entire series. Exceptions may be considered on a case by case basis. Please contact us if interested.

Twin Eagles
Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series
Individual Weekend Session Registration

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Listen to a recording of "Introduction to the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series". Tim Corcoran shares an introduction to the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series with inspirational stories, teachings, a special discount, and more. Click here for the mp3 file (~15 mb). Want to save the file to your computer? Right click (PC users) or Command click (Mac Users) and select "Save File As..."
Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth: the moment one definitely commits oneself, then providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one's favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no person could have dreamt would have come their way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can dream, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! Begin it now.”

- Goethe

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