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Twin Eagles Wilderness School eNewsletter

Twin Eagles Wilderness School
eNewsletter - September 2015

Autumn Greetings from Twin Eagles Wilderness School! With the equinox having just passed, autumn is officially here. The trees are starting to turn colors, the plants are beginning to die back, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. There is something magical about this time of year, as it seems that the essence of life itself is somehow closer.

Ten Year Anniversary

We had an absolutely amazing Ten Year Anniversary a few weeks ago! Over 80 community members showed up at Medicine Circle, including many families, volunteers, and staff from our early years. The community elders hosted and facilitated the event, and treated Jeannine and I (Tim) like royalty. All we had to do was relax! What a new concept for us, to just relax at our own event! We shared together in beautiful meals, stories from through the years, council circles, and a heart touching ceremony to honor the Vision of Twin Eagles. The Ten Year Anniversary signaled a change for Twin Eagles, as we continue to grow stronger and larger, all the while maintaining true to our core Vision of being an open hearted community dedicated to deepening relationships with nature, community, family, and self.

Part of this change is a more robust program offering for adults, families, and youth. Check out some of our new offerings this year, like the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults, and expect more offerings for families and youth as well in the year to come!

We encourage you to remember and invest in what is most important in life. Family. Nature. Looking within. Community building. Staying connected to these foundations of life is so important right now, for all of us. We've got plenty of programs to help you on the journey, so please consider joining us for one or more.

We have a LOT to share with you in this months eNewsletter! Be sure to read through to the end to check it all out:
  • Feature Article: Making Char Cloth
  • Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults!! New for 2015-16
  • Free Call on Deep Nature Connection!
  • Twin Eagles Youth Programs 2015-16
  • Wild Food Celebration - Free Community Event!
  • Wilderness Immersion Program

Feature Article: Making Char Cloth

Char Cloth

Char cloth. What the heck is it, and how do you make it? What is it good for? Perhaps you've heard of flint and steel fire making, and maybe you've got a passion for making fire like I do. Char cloth is an amazing resource that is super useful in any kind of fire making, modern or primitive, and downright necessary for flint and steel fire making. I've made it hundreds and hundreds of times, and in this article I'll show you everything you need to know to make your own char cloth, mistakes to avoid, how to use it to make fire, and even some cool alternatives.

Char cloth is any cloth made from 100% plant fibers that has been charred but not burned. It is used in traditional flint and steel fire making to catch a spark, and grow that spark into an ember that can then be transferred to a tinder bundle and blown into flame.

Char cloth was used regularly in the 1600's and 1700's as part of flint and steel fire making. It has tons of advantages when it comes to making fire. Good quality char cloth is... Continue reading here!

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults
New for 2015-16!!

Imagine the rich fulfillment that comes with a more deeply intimate relationship with the natural world.

Imagine the strong support of companions, mentors, and elders on a shared journey of discovery.

Imagine a renewed sense of vitality through clarity of passion and purpose.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults is a one weekend per month program running from October through June that provides adults a rich opportunity to immerse themselves in the teachings of the Earth. Wilderness survival, wildlife tracking, wild edible & medicinal plants, naturalist training, bird language, nature based mentoring, and inner tracking become pathways to a transformational journey of deep connection with nature, community, & self.

This experience will give you the chance to slow down and embrace time-tested, ancient practices of connecting deeply with nature that we've been successfully facilitating for over fifteen years. You'll steep in a culture of nature based mentoring with peers that will feel more like family by the end of the experience. You'll be guided by experienced, gifted, open-hearted mentors to discover your authentic self.

In a fast paced world that is increasingly fostering disconnection, this opportunity is designed from the ground up to holistically develop resiliency, a sense of place, confidence, vision, peace, meaning, and connection. It is an opportunity to build relationships with what is truly important in life.

The Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series include nine weekends from October through June. Topics covered include the full range of what we offer at Twin Eagles:
  • Primitive Wilderness Survival Skills
  • Wildlife Tracking
  • Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
  • Nature Based Mentoring & Cultural Restoration
  • Naturalist Training & the Core Routines of Awareness
  • Bird Language & Advanced Awareness Training
  • Inner Tracking - Earth Based Self Discovery
Each weekend builds on the previous weekends, developing a powerful, holistic synergy that results in a potent, life changing experience.

Learn more about the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for adults here!

Free Conference Call - Deep Nature Connection for adults

We're hosting a free conference call where we'll be sharing teachings of deep nature connection for adults, gleaned over fifteen years of mentoring. It will also include inspirational stories, an introduction to the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series, and time for questions and answers. We'll also be offering a special limited time discount for the Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series for all the listeners on the call.

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Sign up now: Introduction to Twin Eagles Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series - Free Conference Call - Sunday October 4 @ 3pm Pacific

Can't make the call? Don't worry, it's being recorded! Everyone who signs up will receive a link to the recording, including the special discount, all at no cost.

Don't delay, sign up now!

Twin Eagles Youth Programs 2015-2016!

Weekly Homeschool Youth Nature Program

Twin Eagles Community School

For kids ages 6 - 13 · Sandpoint, Idaho
One day per week, Thursdays 9 am - 3 pm
Autumn, Winter, & Spring Seasonal Blocks (~9 sessions each)

Homeschool Nature Program Come join our original weekly program for homeschool youth that explores deep nature connection and the wilderness arts through nature based mentoring. Students truly steep in a timeless experience of the natural world with teachings of the naturalist, the tracker, the wanderer, the herbalist, the ecologist, the survivalist and the scout. Now in its ninth year, Twin Eagles Community School is a tremendous opportunity for youth to experience knowledge of place and nature awareness all in a powerful atmosphere of cultural mentoring. Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Community School!

Twin Eagles Monthly Youth Programs

For kids ages 6 - 13 · Sandpoint, ID & Spokane, WA
One Sunday per month · October - May

Monthly Youth Programs We are pleased to be bringing traditional ecological knowledge to the Spokane and Sandpoint communities on a monthly basis! Kids have a rare opportunity to slow down to nature's pace and experience themselves in a community of passionate nature based learners through activities such as fire by friction, local species interrelations, songs, animal tracking, group challenges, wild edible & medicinal plants, natural shelter building, storytelling, sensory awareness and much, much more. Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Monthly Youth Programs!

Monthly Forest Kindergarten

Forest Children ***This is the LAST year we'll be offering this program***

For kids ages 4 - 6 · Spokane, WA
One Sunday per month · October - May

Forest Kindergarten Offered in Spokane, WA, the Forest Children program gently guides young children to a deep relationship with the natural world. Children are encouraged to learn about the fundamental elements of life through 100% direct experience with nature. Activities may include foraging seasonal wild foods, crafting toys from objects found in nature, connecting with the lives of animals through games, creative movement and tracking, developing bonds with trees through learning safely about fire, sparking the imagination with storytelling, and much, much more!

Yes, it is true, after years of offering this special program, we have decided that this will be our final year of offering it to the community. If you are interested, now is your last chance!

Click here to learn more about Forest Children!

Winter Break Camps

For kids ages 6 - 13 · Sandpoint, ID & Spokane, WA
Tue Dec 29, Wed Dec 30, & Thu Dec 31 · 9 am - 3 pm

Winter Break Camps Get your kids outside this winter with Twin Eagles Winter Break Camps! Winter here in the Inland Northwest is a magical time. The landscape is transformed by a blanket of snow, and there is a stillness upon the land. Rather than holing up, get outside this winter! Like all Twin Eagles Youth Programs, our winter break camps bring out the best in kids by connecting them deeply to the natural world, forging strong community, and developing genuine self-awareness. Our highly trained instructors draw out kids' passions through nature based activities like tracking wild animals, building snow shelters, learning primitive skills & crafts, storytelling & Songs around a warm campfire, and much more! Click here to learn more about our Winter Break Camps!

Weekend Teen Wilderness Programs

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous

For teens ages 13 - 18 · Locations throughout the Inland Northwest
Weekends run Friday evening through Sunday Afternoon
Autumn, Winter, & Spring Sessions

Teen Wilderness Programs
Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous offers awesome experiences to teens throughout the Inland Northwest and beyond to sink deep roots to the earth through wilderness skills while soaring high through full-on group adventures. Teens learn leadership by working together as well as applying their sensitivities through ancient earth based skills and crafts. This is a powerful opportunity for teens to encounter the wild around them. As well, teens have a chance to touch their own inner wildness by giving unique voice to their inner selves amongst a community of peers and mentors.

Autumn Session: The Way of the Scout
Winter Session: Snow Cave Expedition
Spring Session: The Incredible Edible Journey

Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous!

Teen Mentor-In-Training Program

For teens ages 15 - 18 · Sandpoint, ID & Spokane, WA

Counselor in Training Twin Eagles Mentor in Training (MIT) program is an incredible opportunity for teens to step forward into becoming authentic nature based mentors. Twin Eagles MITs receive guidance from Twin Eagles' seasoned adult staff to move into a mentoring role with Twin Eagles Youth Program students, thereby experiencing themselves as powerful role models and leaders. It is a rare opportunity to be mentored into their greater potential as they experience the joy of mentoring others into a deep relationship with the earth. The MIT Program runs alongside all of our Youth Programs, so teens are able to select which one(s) they wish to participate in. Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Mentor in Training Program!

Wild Food Celebration - Free Community Event!

Sunday, October 11, 2015 ~ 3:00 - 7:00 pm
Scotia House Retreat Center, Newport, Washington

Wild Food Celebration

Come join our third annual Inland Northwest celebration of community, wild foods, and connection to nature! Bring the whole family, and a wild food potluck dish to share!

This event will be rich with connection to each other, the food that sustains us, and the land we live on. There will be opportunities to share stories, recipes, skills, and ideas. To make this event accessible we invite you to contribute meal items that can be from native or introduced species. You can include just one wild ingredient or consider an entire dish of wild harvested foods. You can explore local native traditional recipes, or perhaps create a dish that reflects your own distinct ancestral background. Please remember to harvest in a sustainable manner, to support the availability of these species for future generations.

As we dive into autumn and the late stages of harvest it is a great time to express our gratitude for the natural world and communities that sustain us. We'll do so in a fun, inspirational, and accessible way that works for everyone! Bring your wild food stories, and your songs and instruments!

Please RSVP Graham McLaren at (509) 413-6328 or; directions will be provided.

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program

Wilderness Immersion Program

Do you yearn to feel like a part of nature rather than an onlooker? Do you feel a responsibility to our Earth? Are you seeking your contribution to the world? Do you want to fully experience nature rather than just learn about it? Do you want to find a community of like minded people? Are you seeking truth, the truth of who you really are?

If you answered yes to even some of these questions, then consider the Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program. It is all about taking the essence of nature and weaving it into our modern experience. It is about feeling the kinship that comes only from roaming the wilderness together. It is about diving deep into the underground of human consciousness, and discovering the hidden gems that await. It is about deep mentoring that brings out the very best of who you are.

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program is a transformational journeys that brings back to life the skills and wisdom of our earth based ancestors:

Wilderness Survival & Primitive Skills
Wildlife Tracking
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
Permaculture & Regenerative Design
Nature Based Mentoring & Cultural Restoration
Naturalist Training
Bird Language & Native Scout Teachings
Inner Tracking - Know Thyself

This program is a huge step forward on the path of deeply connecting with nature, community, and consciousness.

Enrollment is still open for the 2015-2016 year. Interested, or know someone who might be? Learn more about the nine month Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program here, and please spread the word about this amazing program!

Thanks for reading, and may you enjoy these absolutely gorgeous days of autumn!

Tim Corcoran
co-Director & co-Founder
Twin Eagles Wilderness School

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