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Twin Eagles Wilderness School
eNewsletter - March 2015

Happy Spring from Twin Eagles Wilderness School! The season of new beginnings is here in full force, as robins are establishing territories and starting to build nests, the pacific tree frogs are singing every night, the first yellow violets are blooming, and larch needles begin to push out of branches. What signs of spring are happening in your neighborhood?

Just a few weeks ago Twin Eagles brought five girls through a formal Rite of Passage, acknowledging their transition out of girlhood and into becoming a young woman. The event included a powerful and emotional community circle where the young women were honored. Much gratitude goes out to Jeannine Tidwell and our female staff who led this beautiful and important Rite of Passage.

With the inspiration that this season brings, many people are getting outside more, and our programs are fast enrolling, including our Spring Alive! Spring Break Camps, Summer Camps, and our Wilderness Immersion and Gap Year Programs. It is an exciting time to be alive, and to connect with the world around us!

Here's what is in store for you in this months newsletter:
  • Feature Article: Wilderness Survival Food List
  • Wilderness Immersion & Gap Year Programs Update
  • Spring Alive! Spring Day Camps 2015
  • Summer Camps 2015
  • Volunteer or Work with Twin Eagles this summer!
  • Weekly Homeschool Youth Nature Program
  • Teen Wilderness Weekend Programs

Feature Article: Wilderness Survival Food List

Survivial Food List

At Twin Eagles Wilderness School, we see wilderness survival as a pathway towards not just preserving life, but developing a deep connection with the natural world. The more we know about the foods we can eat in the wild and the greater context within which they exist, the better we are at recognizing wild food when we need to. The better we are at recognizing those foods, the more competent we become at not just enduring survival, but weaving a resilient connection with the Earth.

We've experienced both ends of the spectrum and learned the hard way that a broad survival food list is essential to flourishing in wilderness survival in a wide variety of ecosystems.

For any wild food, you need to take the time to Read more on our website here!

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion & Gap Year Programs Update

March at Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion & Gap Year Programs is an amazing time, as we're bringing the winter block to a close and opening up to spring, the season of new beginnings.

Imagine learning how to weave baskets using locally sourced wild crafted materials, harvesting the local willow and red osier dogwood right from the land, then using it to weave resilient baskets. Participants experience the joy of bending warp and weft over and under, steadily crafting a sturdy willow basket in the same way that our earth based ancestors have been for generations. The age old process of traditional basketry works its magic on everyone, as deeper teachings of personal strength and community resiliency weave into our hearts.

Braintanning Buckskin

Another highlight is spending a very full three days with the ancient art of brain tanning deer skins into buckskins. What an amazing process of transformation to watch these hides change from smelly, sloppy, and wet to beautiful, velvety soft, supple, and resilient buckskin. The metaphor is strong here as well, as each participant goes through their own personal journey of transformation guided by both mentor and deer alike.

The winter season comes to a completion with our inner tracking intensive. It is an incredibly powerful time of looking back on the essence of each person's inner journey as it expresses itself through the deep nature connection mentoring process of our winter. Where do I shine in my light with synchronicities abound? Where do I struggle with my shadows? These are just a few of the questions that open our process. Empathetic listening, powerful feedback, the quiet mind, and several archetypal journeys open the door for each participant to connect with their essence and experience deep rejuvenation from within.

Do you yearn to feel like a part of nature rather than an onlooker? Do you feel a responsibility to our Earth? Are you seeking your contribution to the world? Do you want to fully experience nature rather than just learn about it? Do you want to find a community of like minded people? Are you seeking truth, the truth of who you really are?

If you answered yes to even some of these questions, then consider the Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program or Gap Year Programs. It is all about taking the essence of nature and weaving it into our modern experience. It is about feeling the kinship that comes only from roaming the wilderness together. It is about diving deep into the underground of human consciousness, and discovering the hidden gems that await. It is about deep mentoring that brings out the very best of who you are.

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion and Gap Year Programs are transformational journeys that bring back to life the skills and wisdom of our earth based ancestors:

Wilderness Survival & Primitive Skills
Wildlife Tracking
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
Permaculture & Regenerative Design
Nature Based Mentoring & Cultural Restoration
Naturalist Training
Bird Language & Native Scout Teachings
Inner Tracking - Know Thyself

These programs are a huge step forward on the path of deeply connecting with nature, community, and consciousness.

Enrollment is currently open for the 2015-2016 year. Interested, or know someone who might be? Learn more about the nine month Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program here, or discover our two to nine month long Gap Year Programs here, and please spread the word about these amazing programs!

Spring Alive! Spring Break Camps NEW!!

For kids ages 6 - 13 · 9 am - 3 pm daily
Spokane, Washington · Tue April 7 - Thu April 9

Spring Break Camps Spring in the Inland Northwest is an amazing time, full of inspiration. The snow has melted, and the landscape is coming back to life with all kinds of flowers blooming, frogs & salamanders crawling about, and young animals & birds being birthed into the world. Indeed, all of life is being renewed! Twin Eagles Spring Alive! spring break camps are the perfect way to help get your kids outside to enjoy this precious time of year. Like all Twin Eagles Youth Programs, our spring break camps bring out the best in kids by connecting them intimately to the natural world, forging resilient community ties, and developing authentic self-awareness. Click here to learn more about our Spring Alive! Spring Break Camps

Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2015

Registration is now coming in very steady, with some camps over halfway full! If you are considering having your kids join us this summer, we encourage you to enroll soon in order to reserve a spot! Our new system makes online registration quick and easy. We are anticipating that most if not all of our camps will fill to capacity with waiting lists this year.

***IMPORTANT NOTE!*** New for this year 2015, all of our summer camps have a registration deadline of two weeks prior to the camp start date. That is just two months away for some of our camps, so don't delay, sign up now!

Outdoor Adventure Camp

At Twin Eagles, we believe that connecting deeply with nature is critical to whole child development. The experiences we offer bring kids back to a simpler, more connected way of life where their senses are honed to once again hear the call of the wild, revel in the feeling of mud squishing between their toes, delight in the beauty of wildflowers, and listen to the music in mountain streams. Kids develop authentic resiliency through real world challenges and traditional earth based skills as they experience the deep peace of the natural world.

"The first word that comes to mind as I write about my son's experience with Twin Eagles is 'Grateful'. I, as his parent, could not be more grateful for the week he spent exploring the wilderness with you. It was such a joy to send him off each morning knowing he sincerely looked forward to the day, and likewise, to pick him in the afternoon and see the smile and look of complete satisfaction on his face. EVERY DAY was like this! You all gave to him knowledge, skills, and spirit that I, as a person, simply could not provide for him. Thank you!"

                  - Amy Barberry

This coming summer we are offering eleven full weeks of summer camp in Sandpoint, Spokane, and Priest River. They include:
This summer we are continuing our inspirational theme based day camps here at Twin Eagles! 2015 Day Camp themes include:
  • Nature Adventurers Day Camp - New for 2015!! - Mystery and adventure await all those who heed the call of the wild. Have you ever looked out onto a wild landscape, and imagined all the possible natural adventures, just waiting to be experienced?
  • Wilderness Survival Day Camp - There is an ancient calling deep in the heart to experience the freedom and adventure of living wild and free, close to nature - to provide for one's own needs directly from the Earth...
  • Nature Ninjas Day Camp - Nature ninjas are the eyes and ears of the tribe, protectors of the village. They are masters of stealth, camouflage, and invisibility, traveling unseen and unheard amongst the shadows...
For full information on our summer camps, check out our Twin Eagles Summer Camp web page here.

Volunteer or Work with Twin Eagles this summer!

We are currently looking for volunteer assistant instructors who wish to deepen their experience of authentic nature based mentoring in a powerful culture of deep nature connection. Make a difference in the world by helping to restore hope in today's youth by connecting them deeply to nature, community, and self. Have a blast connecting with other nature based mentors and a whole community with shared values. Accommodations & meals provided at overnight camps. Click here for more info on volunteering at Twin Eagles.


We are also looking to hire staff for the roles of Lead Instructor, Lead Cook, and Assistant Cook. We're offering paid positions based on experience, with accommodations & meals provided for overnight camps. Have a blast working in a powerful deep nature connection mentoring culture, and deepening your mentoring expertise while supporting a common Vision of restoring hope in today's youth. We're known for crafting a culture of authentic depth mentoring. Click here for more info on working with Twin Eagles.

Weekly Homeschool Youth Nature Program

Twin Eagles Community School

For kids ages 6 - 13 · Sandpoint, Idaho
One day per week, Fridays 9 am - 3 pm
Autumn, Winter, & Spring Seasonal Blocks (~8 sessions each)

Homeschool Nature Program Our Spring block will be starting soon! Come join our original weekly program for homeschool youth that explores deep nature connection and the wilderness arts through nature based mentoring. Students truly steep in a timeless experience of the natural world with teachings of the naturalist, the tracker, the wanderer, the herbalist, the ecologist, the survivalist and the scout. Now in its ninth year, Twin Eagles Community School is a tremendous opportunity for youth to experience knowledge of place and nature awareness all in a powerful atmosphere of cultural mentoring. Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Community School!

Weekend Teen Wilderness Programs

Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous

For teens ages 13 - 18 · Locations throughout the Inland Northwest
Weekends run Friday evening through Sunday Afternoon
Autumn, Winter, & Spring Sessions

Teen Wilderness Programs Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous offers awesome experiences to teens throughout the Inland Northwest and beyond to sink deep roots to the earth through wilderness skills while soaring high through full-on group adventures. Teens learn leadership by working together as well as applying their sensitivities through ancient earth based skills and crafts. This is a powerful opportunity for teens to encounter the wild around them. As well, teens have a chance to touch their own inner wildness by giving unique voice to their inner selves amongst a community of peers and mentors.

Spring 2015 Session: Apr 24 - 26 - The Walkabout at Moses Lake Sand Dunes

Click here to learn more about Twin Eagles Seasonal Teen Rendezvous!

In Wildness,

Tim Corcoran
co-Director & co-Founder
Twin Eagles Wilderness School

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