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Twin Eagles Wilderness School eNewsletter

Twin Eagles Wilderness School
eNewsletter - April 2016

Spring Greetings!! This is an amazing time of year, as the natural world is regenerating itself with new life everywhere! Dandelions, Trilliums, Lady Slippers and countless other low growing plants are flowering, Morel & Spring Coral Mushrooms are bursting from the ground in epic quantities, and all the spring song birds are back establishing territories, nesting, and laying eggs. The trees have all leafed out, reminding us that the heart of Spring is here!

April has been an equally busy month here at Twin Eagles. Kids at our Youth Programs have been hunting morel mushrooms, practicing primitive skills, and learning to see through the eyes of the wild animals. Jeannine and Tim continue preparations for this year's Girl's & Boy's Rites of Passage, as we prepare to initiate our next cohort of young adults. Our Adult Programs have focused on the Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants this month, as participants get a taste of the essence of Spring. Summer Camp registrations are coming in faster than ever before, as we're over half full already! Tim & Jeannine were both interviewed on the ReWild Yourself Podcast this past month, and the Twin Eagles vision continues to grow and expand. We're incredibly thankful to do this work, and the support you all give us as we work together to bring nature back to the center of culture, where it belongs.

Here is what we have in store for you in this months eNewsletter:
  • Feature Article: Summer Camp Benefits - The Very Best of Childhood
  • Locations Update! - Summer Camps 2016
  • Volunteer or Work with Twin Eagles this summer!
  • ReWild Yourself! Podcast with Daniel Vitalis, Tim, & Jeannine
  • Wilderness Immersion Program 2016-2017

Feature Article: Summer Camp Benefits - The Very Best of Childhood

Summer Camp Benefits

We all want the very best for our children. Summer camp benefits kids in profound ways that impact their bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. As a father, I know firsthand how much love, energy, care, and effort goes into the process of crafting a good life for my children. Who will they grow up to be? What impact will my choices and today's events have on their lives in the future? How can I best meet their needs so that they are prepared to handle the challenges that await them? These are the kind of questions we wrestle with as parents.

Summer Camp benefits are both deep and broad. The experience of summer camp is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children. I know this not only as a father, but as a summer camp director for the past decade. I've seen thousands of kids come to our summer camps, and through the years I've come to see the patterns of benefits that kids receive from their time at summer camp.

Here is a list of some of the most important benefits that are relevant to today's children: Continue reading here!

Locations Update! Summer Camps 2016

Outdoor Adventure Camp

We're very excited to announce that all of our locations have been finalized for all of our summer camps!

Spokane Summer Day Camps will be happening at the 9 Mile Day Use Area, which is just next to Spokane House, in Nine Mile Falls, WA. This beautiful location is comprised of over 100 acres of wild lands maintained by Riverside State Park. It includes mature Ponderosa Pine forests, lush meadows, and a mile and a half of frontage on the Spokane River that is easily accessible with gorgeous shade trees! It also includes the confluence of the Little Spokane and Spokane River, which is another incredibly diverse area! This spot is just 20 minutes from Spokane, and we are very excited to be running our Spokane Summer Day Camps here, as we look forward to building a deep relationship with this land. That said, it is with sadness and deep gratitude that we let go of Indian Springs, our former location for Spokane summer day camps for the past 10 years.

Sandpoint Summer Day Camps will be happening once again at Pack River Flats / Pend Oreille Wildlife Management Area on Trout Creek Rd. This is our third year running summer camps here in Sandpoint, and what a location it is! We have access to hundred and hundreds of acres of diverse meadows, forests, river, creeks, and sloughs, all just 15 minutes east of Sandpoint. We're very grateful to have the support of Idaho Fish & Game once again, and look forward to a rich five weeks on this land building deep relationships again this summer!

Our overnight camps will once again be happening at the Medicine Circle Eco-Retreat in Priest River, Idaho. It is with deep gratitude that we continue our overnight camps here for the 11th year in a row!! Medicine Circle includes a literal tipi and yurt village, outdoor kitchen, and beautiful mature forests, creeks, and springs. We're grateful to David Kirchhof for continuing to host us all these years at Medicine Circle!

On the whole, Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2016 are now approximately half full. Some camps have just a few spots left, most camps are half full, and a few camps are less than half full. It is likely that some camps will fill up in the next week, so we strongly encourage you to register now while there is still space! Once a camp fills up, waiting lists will be available.

Our nature based summer camps let kids be kids again, giving them the chance to be wild and free. In today's world, kids suffer from lives that have become over-structured, over-sterilized, and over-intellectualized. Children are engulfed in an increasingly disconnected, technological world that leads to the degeneration of health on all levels – physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual. Can you remember what it used to feel like to be a kid during the summer? I do. It was my ticket to freedom. Timeless moments of connecting with the wild places. Friendships deepening until we felt more like siblings. Running through our imagination and nature at the same time. Quiet moments alone just sitting by a creek, letting all the worries of life just drift away. Current research has now proven that these types of experiences lead to increased physical, mental & social health, a sense of peace, care for the Earth, increased concentration, greater creativity and resiliency. As a father and camp director, this is what I stand for, for my own children and for our community's children. Our summer camps maximize all of this, and indeed are good medicine for the challenges today's kids face in our post-modern world, bringing them back to their truest nature.

"I am so grateful and so touched by how all the amazing people at Twin Eagles lovingly walked our son through what has turned out to be, perhaps, the most significant and positive learning experience he has ever gone through away from home. I can't say enough about how lucky we were to find them and have him take part in the last week of their summer program, except to say to them and the universe: Thank you, thank you, thank you."

                  - Alison Barrows-Young

This coming summer we are offering thirteen full weeks of summer camp in Sandpoint, Spokane, and Priest River. They include:
This summer we are continuing our inspirational theme based day camps here at Twin Eagles! 2016 Day Camp themes include:
  • Nature Adventurers Day Camp - Mystery and adventure await all those who heed the call of the wild. Have you ever looked out onto a wild landscape, and imagined all the possible natural adventures, just waiting to be experienced?
  • Wilderness Survival Day Camp - There is an ancient calling deep in the heart to experience the freedom and adventure of living wild and free, close to nature - to provide for one's own needs directly from the Earth...
  • Nature Ninjas Day Camp - Nature ninjas are the eyes and ears of the tribe, protectors of the village. They are masters of stealth, camouflage, and invisibility, traveling unseen and unheard amongst the shadows...
  • Jedi Training Day Camp - New for 2016!! - Do you feel a calling to learn the ways of the force? Do you yearn to craft and wield a light saber? Then travel with us to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. A place where good battles evil, where light clashes against dark. At Twin Eagles Jedi Training Camp, campers will start the week as Padawans embarking on exciting and daring trainings, adventures, trials, and missions as they work to become a Jedi Knight.
These theme based camps are only for our day camps for kids ages 6 - 13, and are very popular. That said, we especially encourage you to register for these soon!

For full information on our summer camps, check out our Twin Eagles Summer Camp web page here.

Volunteer or Work with Twin Eagles this summer!

We are currently looking for volunteer assistant instructors who wish to deepen their experience of authentic nature based mentoring in a powerful culture of deep nature connection. Make a difference in the world by helping to restore hope in today's youth by connecting them deeply to nature, community, and self. Have a blast connecting with other nature based mentors and a whole community with shared values. Accommodations & meals provided at overnight camps. Click here for more info on volunteering at Twin Eagles.


We are also looking to hire staff for the roles of Lead Instructor, Lead Cook, and Assistant Cook. We're offering paid positions based on experience, with accommodations & meals provided for overnight camps. Have a blast working in a powerful deep nature connection mentoring culture, and deepening your mentoring expertise while supporting a common Vision of restoring hope in today's youth. We're known for crafting a culture of authentic depth mentoring. Click here for more info on working with Twin Eagles.

ReWild Yourself! Podcast with Daniel Vitalis interviews
Tim Corcoran & Jeannine Tidwell!

ReWild Yourself!

We're also very excited to announce that this past month, both Tim Corcoran and Jeannine Tidwell were each separately interviewed by Daniel Vitalis for the ReWild Yourself! Podcast. This podcast has over 50,000 listeners, so it was a real honor to be featured. The conversations were electric, as we shared our passions of deep nature connection, mentoring & cultural restoration, the inner journey, rites of passage, wilderness survival, and a vision of hope for the future.

If you haven't listened yet, be sure to check it out here!

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program

Enrollments are coming in strong for the 2016 - 2017 year at Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program. Be sure to apply soon for priority placement if you are interested in the coming year!

Deep Nature Connection Weekend Series

Do you yearn to feel like a part of nature rather than an onlooker? Do you feel a responsibility to our Earth? Are you seeking your contribution to the world? Do you want to fully experience nature rather than just learn about it? Do you want to find a community of like minded people? Are you seeking truth, the truth of who you really are?

If you answered yes to even some of these questions, then consider the Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program. It is all about taking the essence of nature and weaving it into our modern experience. It is about feeling the kinship that comes only from roaming the wilderness together. It is about diving deep into the underground of human consciousness, and discovering the hidden gems that await. It is about deep mentoring that brings out the very best of who you are.

Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program is a transformational journeys that brings back to life the skills and wisdom of our earth based ancestors:

Wilderness Survival & Primitive Skills
Wildlife Tracking
Wild Edible & Medicinal Plants
Permaculture & Regenerative Design
Nature Based Mentoring & Cultural Restoration
Naturalist Training
Bird Language & Native Scout Teachings
Inner Tracking - Know Thyself

This program is a huge step forward on the path of deeply connecting with nature, community, and consciousness.

Enrollment is now open for the 2016-2017 year. Interested, or know someone who might be? Learn more about the nine month Twin Eagles Wilderness Immersion Program here, and please spread the word about this amazing program!

Blessings to you and your family! We hope to see you here at Twin Eagles this spring or summer, sharing in the gifts of the season!

Tim Corcoran
co-Director & co-Founder
Twin Eagles Wilderness School

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