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Teachings of The Vision Quest – A free live webinar with Tim Corcoran, Mark Tollefson & Jon Young

Tim Corcoran Mark Tollefson Jon Young

Do you hear the call of the wild, beckoning you to connect deeply with nature so that you can discover your vision, your place in the great web of life?

Do you yearn to find a soulful, powerful response to the troubling times that we live in? A way to truly serve all of life by expressing your greatest gifts?

Do you have a burning desire to discover your deepest calling in this life, your true reason for being, your authentic purpose that can give your life ultimate meaning?

If so then I invite you to join me along with my co-presenter Mark Tollefson & special guest Jon Young for this free live video conference webinar where you'll learn:
  • Why connecting with Vision is the deepest possible, most important response each of us can make to the challenges of the times we're living in right now

  • Our carefully curated map of the Vision Quest experience that offers a mature, contemporary take on this timeless, traditional cross-cultural initiation experience?

  • The essential role that a) deep nature connection mentoring, b) indigenous wisdom, and c) a nature-based understanding of the human psyche play in the process of a holistic quest experience

  • How to address fear, resistance, doubt and other obstacles on the path of connecting with Vision, and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

  • Inspiring personal stories of our own deep nature connection vision quest experiences

  • A heartfelt invitation for those who are called to join us for our live in-person Vision Quest being led by Tim and Mark April 30 - May 9, 2021 in Idaho, including a special discount

  • Time for Questions and Answers
Click here to sign up for this free live webinar I'm hosting on Saturday March 13, "Teachings of The Vision Quest".

Wild Blessings,


Tim Corcoran
co-Director & co-Founder, Twin Eagles Wilderness School
Director & Founder, Purpose Mountain

PS – Now more than ever, our world needs humans connected deeply to a vision rooted in the heart of nature so that we can turn the tide for current and future generations. Invite your friends and family to join this free webinar and learn more about the Vision Quest by sending them the link to register for free here:

Twin Eagles Wilderness School eNewsletter