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I don't know if you know Twin Eagles Wilderness School's origin story, but over 20 years ago my wife Jeannine and I had experienced the transformative power of deep nature connection personally, and seen how it changed us, as well as the whole community we were living in at the time. It changed everything for us, and we found ourselves drawn by our vision and purpose to create our own wilderness school, here in Sandpoint, Idaho.

Now that same purpose and vision that brought about the birth of Twin Eagles has called me into a VERY exciting new project! It's something I've been dreaming about for years and working on now for months! It is a huge endeavor, and its finally here!!


The MEN'S MIDLIFE REVOLUTION Global Online Summit!

Did you know that statistically, men in midlife are the most isolated, depressed, and suicidal subset of our modern culture?

The story that society tells us is that by midlife, men are supposed to “have it all together”, yet so many men are feeling lost, experiencing painful relationships, feel trapped in an unfulfilling job, struggling with poor health, or having a downright existential crisis.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me for the Men's Midlife Revolution online summit!

Men's Midlife Revolution Online Summit

At the summit, you will discover how to:

  • Cultivate full aliveness through Deep Nature Connection
  • De-Stress through the ancient practice of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing
  • Heal our relationship to the indigenous soul
  • Foster Soul-centric & Eco-centric Masculine Development
  • Heal your ancestral family lineage
  • Develop a Resilient Body, Clear Mind and Bright Spirit with Total Human Optimization
  • Cultivate Authentic Masculine Emotional Maturity and Transform Toxic Masculinity
  • Discover Your Souls Purpose, even if You’re Struggling with Fear or Doubt
  • …and much more!
Register FREE Here!

The 5-day online summit starts February 17, 2020 and includes content-rich training sessions and master classes from 25+ world class experts, including:

  • Jon Young, founder of 8 Shields Institute
  • Amos Clifford, founder of Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides
  • Aubrey Marcus, founder of Onnit
  • Bill Kauth, founder of The ManKind Project
  • Jon Vroman, founder of Front Row Dads
  • Lama Rod Owens, Dharma Teacher of Tibetan Buddhism
  • Daniel Foor, founder of Ancestral Medicine
The summit is FREE for a limited time, so register now:

Sign up FREE to attend the Men's Midlife Revolution Online Summit!

Hope to see you there,

Tim Corcoran
Host, Men's Midlife Revolution Online Summit
Founder, Twin Eagles Wilderness School
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