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Boy's Rites of Passage
at Twin Eagles Wilderness School

Hello Friends,

Each spring over the past seven years, I've been leading Boy's Rites of Passage here at Twin Eagles Wilderness School. It has been, hands down, the deepest and most powerful mentoring I've offered young people in my twenty years of serving as a nature based mentor. Out of deep respect for the process, I have kept this work quiet and made the event invitation only to a select group of hand picked individuals and families. Together with a handful of staff here at Twin Eagles, we've been able to make a significant impact on the lives of the now young men, along with their families, who have come through our Rites of Passage.

Yet I have to admit that each year after we are complete, I am left with a certain nagging feeling in my soul that we're capable of a greater impact in the world. As a result, this year I've chosen to open up our process to a wider audience. For the first time ever, I am making our introductory conference call for the Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage open to our extended Twin Eagles community. I'd like to extend this invitation to you to join us for the call.

I don't consider the Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage a "program", but more of an authentic community experience. This Rite of Passage is:
  • A conscious, authentic, formal initiation to mark the leaving behind of boyhood and the entrance into adolescence for boys ages 13-16
  • Rooted in real relationships, nature, ceremony, and nurturing the psyche.
  • A deep acknowledgement of who the boy is becoming.
  • A process to meet the growing developmental needs of his body, mind, heart, and soul.
  • Big support for him to develop emotional maturity.
  • Deepening long term relationships
For me, this is a gift from the heart, an expression of my purpose and vision for healthy community. I have a high level of passion for this work. Entering into adolescence is one of the top five or six transitions into a new phase of life that a boy will experience in his entire life. This process is about bringing health and regenerative practices back to our community to help us as we grow collectively into a positive vision of tomorrow.

During the introductory conference call, we'll be speaking to the vision and details of the Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage, including:
  • What is a Rite of Passage, their history, and their benefits to us as modern people
  • How to determine readiness for a boy, and what it looks like when a boy is not ready
  • How this is different from all our other programs at Twin Eagles
  • Risks of not going through a Rite of Passage
  • Why parents cannot and should not facilitate a Rite of Passage
  • How the Rite of Passage serves not just the boy, but his entire family and community
  • How to get involved in this year's Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage happening in May 2019
We'll also be hearing from parents of young men who have gone through the Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage in the past, as well as community elders who play an essential role in initiating the boys. We'll also have time for Q & A.

I hope you'll join me for this special call. It's 100% free, and does not constitute any sort of commitment. I invite you to join me if any of these are true for you:
  • You have a son 13-16 years old and believe he may be served by a Rite of Passage
  • You have a younger son who you believe might be served by a Rite of Passage in the future
  • You are interested in Rites of Passage, but you don't want your son to attend Twin Eagles Boy's Rite of Passage
You're also welcome to attend even if you're just mildly interested.

The only thing I ask is that all attendees are adults 18 years old or older. The information on this call is not appropriate for youth and teens.

If you'd like to join me for this inspiring conference call on Boy's Rites of Passage, please send me an email indicating why you're interested. Then I'll send you the dial in information.

You can email me to let me know you're interested by clicking here.

To a future full of initiated young men!


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