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Twin Eagles Wilderness School eNewsletter

Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2016 are here!!!

Outdoor Adventure Camp

This is the announcement you've all been waiting for! We are very excited to announce our new-and-improved lineup of spectacular Twin Eagles Summer Camps for 2016!!

This year, we have made several important changes to our summer camps:
  • We have expanded! Due to our incredible growth and popularity, this year we are offering four additional day camps for 6 - 13 year olds compared to last year!

  • Jedi Training Camp. WHAT?!?!? Seriously!? Yes, The Force has come to Twin Eagles. Actually, it has always been here. What happens when you bring together Twin Eagles and the Jedi? More fun, adventure, excitement, and thrill than you can possibly imagine. Need I say more? Check out Twin Eagles Jedi Training Camp here.

  • Five Star Independent Online Reviews. We've been working hard over the past year to encourage our reviews on independent websites like the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Facebook. Take a look!

  • We've decided to stop offering our Day Camp for Preschoolers ages 3-6 this summer. Over the past year we went through a visioning process that brought us to greater clarity about the structure of our summer programs. It is with sadness that we have chosen not to run the summer day camps for preschoolers ages 3 - 6. While we still value nature based early childhood mentoring, we feel we need to refocus our programs this summer in a different direction. Read more here.

This is going to be a great summer! With thirteen camps in total in Sandpoint, Spokane, and Priest River, it will be our biggest and best summer yet!
Once again, we're offering our popular theme based Day Camps:
  • Nature Adventurers Day Camp - Mystery and adventure await all those who heed the call of the wild. Have you ever looked out onto a wild landscape, and imagined all the possible natural adventures, just waiting to be experienced?

  • Wilderness Survival Day Camp - There is an ancient calling deep in the heart to experience the freedom and adventure of living wild and free, close to nature - to provide for one's own needs directly from the Earth...

  • Nature Ninjas Day Camp - Nature ninjas are the eyes and ears of the tribe, protectors of the village. They are masters of stealth, camouflage, and invisibility, traveling unseen and unheard amongst the shadows...

  • Jedi Training Day Camp - New for 2015!! - Do you feel a calling to learn the ways of the force? Do you yearn to craft and wield a light saber? Then travel with us to a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. A place where good battles evil, where light clashes against dark. At Twin Eagles Jedi Training Camp, campers will start the week as Padawans embarking on exciting and daring trainings, adventures, trials, and missions as they work to become a Jedi Knight.
There is so much to love about Twin Eagles Summer Camps:
  • Kids get to be kids again, roaming wild and free in nature.

  • Safety. We take campers physical and emotional safety seriously, and hold every member of camp to a high standard that creates a safe space for powerful experiences to emerge.

  • Real skills, real challenges, real adventures. Trailing coyotes, making healing salves from St. Johnswort and Yarrow plants, crafting wooden bow and arrows. Does it get any better?

  • Our highly trained instructors are some of the finest in the field. First Aid/CPR certification, background checks, and a high level of training in both nature based mentoring and traditional earth skills are all requirements. Our staff are adept at really listening to kids, drawing out their passions, and engaging them fully.

  • We have the most fun! Year after year, our campers, instructors and parents consistently report that the Twin Eagles experience is the most fun, engaging, and relevant.

  • We offer a genuinely holistic experience rooted in hope, connecting with what is truly important in life - nature, community, and self.
For full information on our summer camps, including easy, streamlined online credit card registration, check out our Twin Eagles Summer Camps 2016 web page here.

Header photo courtesy Joseph Rocchio Photography
Twin Eagles Wilderness School eNewsletter