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Update - January 2013

Greetings from Twin Eagles Wilderness School!

Occasionally we send out an extra email to share something that we feel will provide some added value to our eNewsletters.

Last month I talked about my passion for wilderness survival. Today I want to talk about my LOVE for fire.

But before that, I'd like to introduce you to someone I've known almost my entire life (all but four years to be exact). He's my brother, Dan Corcoran.

Dan has been connecting people to the natural world through wilderness survival for ALMOST as long as I have. After all, I am the older brother ;) He has worked at a well-known wilderness school as their survival expert for the last eight years. He's also been a guest instructor here at Twin Eagles Wilderness School. When it comes to teaching wilderness survival, Dan is top notch.

At Twin Eagles, one of the first skills that we teach is how to make a fire. It is one of those skills that we believe everyone who goes through our core programs must know.

Dan has been working on a video training series that brings fire making to life unlike anything I have ever seen before - it is great. In the free video series, he teaches practical and subtle skills of fire making that only come from years of hard earned experience. These include:
  • How to make a fire with just one single match... in the rain!
  • What fire structures to use to maximize your ability to start a fire (often overlooked)
  • What firemaking gear you should carry with you in case of an emergency
  • Universal fire making principles, applicable to all bio-regions
  • And the ultimate: Making fire when all you have is a knife!
Dan will give you excellent training on how to do all that and a lot more.

Fire Mastery

Check out the FREE video series here

Fire making is a super practical survival skill that is essential to know for anyone who spends time in nature. But beyond that, developing your ability to make fire brings other, deeper rewards:
  • Confidence - The confidence that comes from learning how to make fire extends beyond the woods, it flows into all areas of your life.
  • Freedom - Fire making builds a sense of freedom from the constraints of the modern world, as you learn to provide for your most basic human needs directly from the Earth.
  • Passion - Time and again, I have found that people who develop a strong relationship with fire also develop a strong relationship with their own passion, and live a fuller life as a result.
Can you imagine your life with more confidence, freedom, and passion? What would that do for you?

Here is the link to the FREE video series

Warm Regards,

Tim Corcoran

P.S. You can thank me for this, because I was the one to introduce Dan to the deep nature connection movement over ten years ago ;) But honestly, I have to say that Dan has put in a TON of dirt time into survival skills, especially fire making. You'll love what he has to offer:

CLICK HERE for Dan's free fire making training video series

Header photo courtesy Joseph Rocchio Photography

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