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Top Ten Edible Wild Plants

A Journey of Deep Nature Connection

By Tim Corcoran & Jeannine Tidwell

Edible Wild Plants eBook

Eating wild is MUCH more than just learning a few plants.

Sure, edible wild plants help you stay healthy, but they also invite you on a journey of deep nature connection. It becomes a true adventure, and an opportunity to experience the rich connections that our earth based ancestors enjoyed.

There is lots of info out there on edible wild plants, but very little that guides you on a journey of deep nature connection.

Once you experience a holistic journey of connecting deeply with the natural world, you'll find it WAY easier to learn edible wild plants!

Inside this free 58 page eBook, you'll receive guidance on how to take a journey of deep nature connection with edible wild plants, including

  • The top ten edible wild plants of North America
  • Benefits of eating wild plants
  • How to identify edible wild plants
  • How and when to harvest ethically
  • How to process and preserve your harvest
  • 25 delicious edible wild plant recipes!
  • Info on medicinal qualities of these plants
  • Plus, our tried and true holistic approach to learning edible wild plants!

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